About Us

Dengil Promotions

Dengil Promotions is a global manufacturer and distributor for promotional gifts. We thrive on our global producers in supplying the African market with innovative and trendy designs. Most of our products carry resemblance of the African feel, moreover with a global exclusivity. Having reputable international and well established manufacturers globally, we have become a preferred one stop shop in the corporate world.

What We Do

Dengil Promotions prides itself in providing a stylish range of diaries, clothing and office accessories that emulate perfection in all regards. Every product from our collection encapsulates our vision.

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Corporate Diaries

Corporate diaries are a perfect way to promote your business all year round. Build your brand today by getting a 100% custom made diary of your choice from Dengil Promotions.

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Corporate Vision

To become a leading promotional gifts manufacturing and distributor in Zimbabwe and the region.

Corporate Mission

Dedicated to offer exclusive promotional gifts range, apparel and diaries to the corporate world

Corporate Objectives

To grow our market share through innovation;
To provide a one stop shop by offering quality in-house branding, designing and manufacturing;
To establish global supply chain

Corporate Values

Value time cues and expert opinion of our staff;
Provide fair wages, reasonable structured work and schedules;
Clear duties and spheres of rights and responsibilities from each member;
Create a job which impact and make a difference not only to our staff but also to the whole community.

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